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XCIX. String functions  Direct Link to manual page  8654  The official documentation for PHP scripting.  8638 
RSS Parsers  Download a parser for RSS feeds from HotScripts  8635 
O'Reilly's PHP DevCenter  O'Reilly (the book publisher) has a great online resource for just about every programming language there is. Here's their PHP section.  8635 
UPS Shipping Script  How to calculate shipping from UPS from a PHP Website for your Online Store  8635 
PHP Classes  Huge library of freely downloadable object-oriented PHP scripts  8634 
XVII. Date and Time functions  Direct Link to manual page  8633 
PHP Freaks  PHP Code & Tutorials for free!  8632 
Regular Expressions  PHP has Perl Regular Expressions built in. Here's the PERL documentation for the syntax.  8632 
Phrame  Another PHP Jakarta Struts port for developing PHP applications using the MVC paradigm  8631 
Planet PHP  This site aggregates feeds to many blogs of PHP developers.  8629 
PHP Builder  Great PHP Developer site. Terrific resources, links, tutorials, and more.  8628 
phpMailer  This easy to use, object-oriented PHP class lets you send text and HTML email with attachments. Well-written, versatile object-oriented script with a large developer community.  8628 
PHP-Dev  Mail Archive - They save everything at the Aims Group  8626 
Sitepoint  Great site for PHP and other programming tutorials, forums, and scripts.  8625 
Click to Call PHP Code Examples  Ever seen the feature of a website where you enter your phone number in a form and your phone rings almost instantly? Here's how it's done.  8625 
Evil Walrus  Simple, yet unrefined, PHP scripting resources  8624 
Smarty  PHP's most robust Template Engine  8624 
PHP Kitchen  Everything but the kitchen sink - all about PHP.  8623 
PHP Fusebox Demystified  Quick course on Fusebox 3 for PHP presentation notes  8622 
PHP Bad Word Filter  Now that you have a blog, how do you keep it clean? Here's an article with sample code for building your own obscenity filter.  8622 
PHP Fusebox 4 Wiki  NEW! Documentation, tips, usage hints and links for developing Fusebox 4 Framework/Methodology with PHP  8621 
phpMyAdmin  Probably the most widely-used web-based database administration tool in history. Use phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL databases using a web browser.  8621 
PHP Sniff Browser Script  This script reports tons of info about your platform and browser capabilities in an easy-to-use PHP class.  8621 
PHP Fusebox 3  Fusebox 3 for PHP homepage  8619 
CakePHP  A zZine article on CakePHP  8619 
WAMP Server  Windows Apache MySQL PHP - Use this single installer to configure your development box in a jiffy!  8618 
Magento Installation Gude  Here is a quick installation guide for Magento ECommerce.  8618 
PEAR Manual  Everything you need to know about PEAR, from  8617 
ADOdb  ADOdb is a database abstraction library for PHP. There is also a Python version.  8617 
PHPOpenChat  The free php chat-server-software for your live chat-room or -module  8617 
Snipplr  Snipplr is a public source code repository that gives you a place to store and organize all the little pieces of code that you use each day.  8617  CodeWalkers is a resource for PHP & SQL Developers. This is a link to their online forums.  8617 
CAPTCHA Class  PhpCaptcha is a library for generating visual and audio CAPTCHAs (completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart).  8617 
Smart PHP  A simple to use and very fast template engine for PHP  8616 
PHP Fusebox 4  This is the sourceforge page to download the long-awaited release of Fusebox 4 for PHP.  8616 
PHP Documentor  phpDocumentor is a JavaDoc-like automatic documentation generator for PHP written in PHP. It is the most versatile tool for documenting PHP.  8615 
php.MVC  PHP Port of Jakarta Struts framework  8615 
::phpPatterns( )  Object-oriented design patterns, applied to PHP scripting. Design & Development articles & forums.  8615 
htmlSQL  This class can be used to parse and extract information from HTML documents using a query language similar to SQL to define the information to be extracted.  8615 
PHP Browser Detection  Determine specific information about the platform and browser version  8615 
PHPTalk  Get involved with the PHP Development Community! Online discussion forums about all different facets PHP development.   8614 
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